Monday, April 5, 2010

On Baseball or, how I learned to still hate the Yankees while still loving the sport

 Yeah I know it's been awhile since I graced the three people who read this with a new post. Sorry I've been a bit preoccupied. Let's get down to business. Many people who know me know that I boycotted the 2009 baseball season. Entirely. I felt that the sport was still in a decline of almost Roman proportions and that money and pure capitalism had completely ruined the sport I have loved since I was a tiny kid. I did not watch one professional baseball game the entire season unless it was on in the room I happened to occupy at the time. In this time the fucking Yankees won another World Series and many questioned my ability to continue my quest to ban baseball due to my prior history of being a Yankee fan. I am proud to say if not for Facebook I wouldn't even have known who played. That's right, I did not watch the World Series. However I did openly criticize those who suddenly become die hard Yankee fans in October. That has always been a bit of a problem I had even when I was a Yankee fan. I tried to watch as many games as possible, where the fuck were you people then? After much thought, and a trip to Cooperstown, I will openly and unapologetically embrace the sport of baseball once again. However, I still will not support, watch, or speak of the Yankees in any way except negatively for as long as I deem necessary. Why? Because I realized who I was really mad at all last year. It wasn't baseball. It was the motherfucking New York Yankees and their bullshit over-rated third baseman A-Roid. I hate him. I always will. He is one of the people ruining the sport of baseball with every dollar he collects. His whole career is an asterix. Just like Bonds, MacGuire, Sosa, and all the others who turned the late 90's into a suspect half decade. The sports best records were broken by people who fucking cheat. That is really why I was mad. It was spiteful, and now it's over. Why do I still hate the Yankees then?  Because the Yankees (and many of their "fans") are everything that is wrong with baseball in this new century. After spending a day in Cooperstown, I can say without hesitation that this current Yankees team (with few exceptions) are not even fit to wear the uniform. Fuck the Yankees and their overpriced and overhyped machine. They tore down history and replaced it with steroid addled, ego-inflated disgrace. I have decided that this year I will watch baseball without investing myself in supporting one team over another. I will watch it much the same way I watch world soccer. I like some teams more than others but I am not emotional when one team beats another. Unless that team beats the Yankees or the Red Sox. Then I will become a demon from hell. Because as much as I wish that the Yankees were the only team worth hating with fiery passion, they aren't. The Red Sox (and the argument can be made for the Mets as well but they get a pass because they have yet to use their cash flow effectively) are just as bad if not worse in some respects. Just like it suddenly becomes "cool" in October to love the Yankees despite the fact these people haven't watched a game all season, it suddenly in recent years became super-cool to love the Red Sox. What the fuck is wrong with people? Do you even know why you like the Red Sox? You live no where near Boston. If you did, maybe I'd understand. The Red Sox have the same amount of money the Yankees do and the Baseball trade market is basically a fight between the Yankees and Boston year after year. Even if other teams had the cash to compete in the baseball transfer market they don't have the ability. It's terrible for the sport in my opinion. The Mets in contrast have the money, possibly the highest payroll in the National League, yet it (to me anyway) is a running joke year after year that they use this cash in the most illogical ways imaginable (as I write this I should point out that they looked pretty good today however). Big money dominates every sport in the world. There is no avoiding that. I just think if that money was fairly distributed in baseball the sport would benefit greatly. A salary cap for instance might help do just that.

So in conclusion, I have returned to baseball. And I say fuck the Yankees with a giant rubber godzilla schlong. That is all.