Sunday, June 27, 2010

The All Out War show report

  Well once again it has been a long time since I posted anything. Let's just say life got in the way of doing useless things. Well since I will have an abundance of time on my hands you will probably see a few more of these. Anyway, last night I went to a hardcore show of somewhat epic proportions. All Out War, a band I pretty much grew up with was playing a hometown show in Po-City. I had to go. I know Floor was playing in the city, but even if I had a choice I would still go to All Out War. The fact they were playing with Death Threat and No Redeeming Social Value was just a bonus. Here's the rundown.

1. Price of the show: an exorbitant $15.50. I would complain about this more but apparently the show was a benefit for some dude with cancer. So therefore I will save my usual "I hate capitalism at shows" rant for another time.

2. Local bands: a ton of locals played. They weren't that bad though actually. We had Problems, a band of kids I knew. My Only Escape, who played a Warzone cover so that was cool. Some terrible death metal band who sucked out loud until they played a Cro-Mags cover which was surprising and kind of cool. Hv Skum who always do something fucked up because they are fucked up kids.

3. To all locals, you play an old hardcore song I will instantly like you. Even if everything else you do eats it.

4. Beards: Enough. That's another reason I got rid of mine. Everyone has one. I have to be different.

5. Skinny jeans: No actually there really weren't. Thank god.

6. When I went to high school: girls didn't like punk rock.

7. Spider web elbow tattoos? Yes.

8. Spider on the neck tattoos? Yes.

9. Big Fat Old Dudes? Yes.

10. Big Fat Old Dudes bring their Big Fat Scary Girlfriends with flaming skull tattoos? Yes.

11. Did I mosh? Not really. Too many Big Fat Old Dudes with Spider Web elbows flying around for my comfort.

12. What the fuck moment: Did No Redeeming just throw a microwave into the pit? Yes. Yes they did.

13. Did this microwave hurt someone? I am going to say yeah just because of the amount of blood and glass on the floor afterwards. Yes I said blood on the floor.

14. No Redeeming Social Value? Dangerous and hilarious as predicted. I have never seen them live before this and I wasn't disappointed.

15. Death Threat: Played old songs, brought the ruckus, caused damage, and all that happy horse poopy.

16. All Out War: Seeing a band you grew up listening to is always kind of a great thing. But All Out War is different. They are a lot older, fatter, and slower than they used to be, but they still brought destruction and annihilation with them. It was brutal, it was heavy, and I was thrown around like an empty paper bag. Like I got smacked around pretty good. I haven't seen people fuck shit up like that in a really long time. Kids, Old Dudes, girls, everyone. I saw noses broken, bloody faces, everything I came to expect. They played their one really good album and that's it. I went nuts. So did everyone around me. Good times.

17. How the fuck: did I cut my leg?