Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things that piss me off

Well the results aren't totally in yet but I think it's a foregone conclusion that the Democrats are going to lose that seat in Massachusetts. Honestly, I think it's hilarious. Massachusetts is just a tiny window showing what's inevitably going to happen in the midterm elections and most likely the next Presidential election. The democrats had their chance, and they fucking blew it. And you know what? It doesn't matter in the slightest. The election was seen as a referendum on the democratic health plan. To me, the health care plan died when the public option was taken off the table. When the current bunch of spineless persons of government decided to allow these crackpot tea-party psychos to dominate the argument, also allowing the declining Republican party to have a massive resurgence, any hope of actually getting anything accomplished died with a whimper. Where are all the kids who voted for Obama now? Maybe if some of us on the left would open our mouths something could possibly be accomplished. I for one gave up a long time ago. This just proved I was right. Politics in this country are a joke. As I type this, the corporate news cable channels are all reporting that the Democrats are all blaming each other for fucking this up. Well, yeah they should. The Democrats have fucked up the argument for health care reform since day one. For a party with no ideas and no actual rhetoric, the Republicans became quite powerful again didn't they? It is no surprise to me then that the election was lost.

Something else that pisses me off. We all have seen what happened to Haiti last week. Words really can't express what those people must be going through. It is sad to see history repeating itself again in less than 10 years. Once again a poor region of the world was struck by natural disaster and once again government institutions are powerless to do anything to help. Well, not powerless. They just aren't really trying. I'm not sure what I was expecting. Especially since a city in our OWN country is still basically in ruins 5 years later. A few things have stood out to me as I watch the reporting on this disaster. Here is a brief list:

1. As I watched the corporate cable news media, I stopped on Chris Matthews (one of the few shithead pundits I can almost stand) as he was interviewing the former Haitian Prime Minister. He asked the ex PM and I'm paraphrasing, whether or not there are any organizations that people can send money to other than the Red Cross that are safe and dependable. The Prime Minister without even missing a beat and completely devoid of emotion says, "No". No. This says more about the tiny nation than any history book ever could.

2. As I continued to watch the coverage, I happened upon video of what seems like a "Peacekeeper" firing into a crowd of survivors with rubber bullets. This infuriated me. I understand that the government in Haiti is nonexistent and there is a great need for additional law enforcement due to the nature of the disaster. But the LAST thing these people need is to be shot at by reactionary bonehead supercops. Try giving them water and maybe they won't riot. Really, what the fuck do you expect?

3. Bill Clinton is all over the news as he "pitches in" in Haiti. This from the guy who most recently helped blow that country into the stone age (ask me about this or look it up). Maybe it's guilt? Either way the champion of NAFTA and globalization said something to a reporter that struck me. He was talking about the help efforts and he stated how many countries are "helping" and how great the international community is, blah blah blah. It looks more like these nations are vying for their own spheres of influence in the USA's brand new protectorate. Disgusting.

4. This made me the most angry. I must give the President credit. He reacted quickly to the tragedy and it seems as though he's sincere in trying to help. Yet, the big money number we are donating to the relief effort tallies up to be...$100 million. $100 million? That's fucking it? We gave the corrupt CEO's at AIG and their ilk billions upon billions of dollars last fall. We gave the car companies billions more. All these companies did collectively to earn this treasure was fail at business and piss away the nation's life savings. We actually rewarded their stupidity by handing these companies billions because it was "important to the financial stability of America". Yet we can't give Haiti the same treatment WHEN PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE AT STAKE. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? These people need water and medical help and all the most "powerful nation on earth" is willing to shell out is $100 million? Shai Hulud said it best, "words cannot express my disappointment".

I read an article written shortly after the earthquake happened that basically stated (again I'm paraphrasing) that if we want to at least pretend to help these people we have to own up to our role in Haiti's situation.I could not agree more. Haiti has been a victim of blatant colonialism since it's founding and this disaster won't do anything to change that. In fact, I predict it will be worse. The more pictures I see the more disgusted I am. America really needs to re-evaluate itself and what our role in the world really is. I think it's also time to take some responsibility for our foreign policy shortcomings. However, I will also say that I applaud the Red Cross for everything they are doing for these people. With no supplies and under incredibly terrible conditions they seem to me to be doing an outstanding job. I just hope they will be able to continue the effort with the piddling little bit of money they are receiving.

And as for the democrats, this better be a wake-up call for them that they are losing the war for hearts and minds in America. Wake the fuck up. You can't get anything done when you are losing the argument. So how do you win the argument? You counter the loud assholes in the tea party by being loud assholes yourselves. Drag this country kicking and screaming to the finish line. If it weren't for a few loud assholes (and bitches) we still would be working 15 hour days without weekends for 2 pennies an hour. If not for these same miscreants the only people voting in this bullshit election would be landowning white guys. And surely no woman would be a candidate. Think about that a little and then grow a fucking spine. Maybe then I'll vote next election.

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